Motherhood – Are you Top Priority?

It’s the weekend, 8 in the morning and my daughter has kick-started her day running around, cajoling me into fulfilling her demands, and vying for my undivided attention.

A kiss, a hug and I give her, her favourite breakfast, ‘Aloo Poha’ and orange juice and finally, lock myself in the study to get back to my writing. I leave her in the security of a good book.

Being a mom you have so much on your platter every day, so many responsibilities to juggle with and so much of expectations to keep up to!

Perhaps, that has made the tag ‘Super Mom’ so cool these days.



I believe in doing my best in every role I play in life, but at the same time, I understand my limitations as a human being. I focus on one task at a time and work on it diligently.

However, there’s been a phase in my life when my family was my priority, and I gave up on many things to see my daughter grow. In a way, I was selfless; I was also revisiting my childhood.

With all my experience, my mommy wisdom I would like to say – stay committed to your responsibilities towards your family but at the same time live your life. Feel your freedom.

Your first and foremost duty is towards yourself – that includes keeping yourself happy, fit, and dreaming with your eyes open.

Once you are happy, spread that happiness!

Your child has come into this world through you. So your biggest responsibility is to act as a catalyst for them to reach their highest potential.

In my journey I have realized even if I wish to take complete responsibility for my child’s life, it is not possible. They somewhere come with their own karmic cycle too. Let them fall and get up for themselves. That’s how they learn and grow! I did. So can you!

New mothers this is for you – delegate, delegate, and delegate. Let every member of the family take part in the child rearing activity and share some responsibilities.

This has two advantages – firstly, you get some breathing space and your ‘me time’, secondly, it will make the family members happy as they feel like a part of the entire process. Also, the child will bond and learn from every different family member.

It was 2011; right after my daughter’s birth, I’d gone into post-partum depression. Overwhelmed by the responsibilities of being a new mother, confined within the four walls of my house with a baby solely dependent on me, I felt stuck.

I turned to my family for help and they were a blessing in disguise.

I wasn’t apprehensive about using formula milk at times, though that’s a personal choice altogether.

So every family member would take turns to bottle-feed the baby whenever required; I could go out get my work done or take a nap, which is a luxury for new mothers.

When I say ‘sleep’, in fact, it is a must for every mother! It’s a natural stress-buster and leaves you happier and calmer.

My daughter grew up fine – healthy and happy.

It was after she turned 6 months that I had a burning desire to go back to the stage again and re-establish myself.

Coincidentally, during that time I got a call from Wizcraft for an anchoring work. With the fire burning in my belly I immediately rushed to their office the very next day! I realized I was out of shape – 10 to 12 kgs up after my pregnancy – but the anchor in me was ready!

I eventually ended up doing two to three projects with Microsoft through Wizcraft. I realized even if you take a sabbatical your skills and talent don’t go away. You still remain who you were. But we need to feel the passion of who we are. Every single day!

In spite of the challenges, I went at the very first call. And after a gap of more than 6 months when I set my foot on the stage I felt I was born again. Liberation!

With this newfound motherhood and work-life my efficiency increased, I emerged more confident; I grew stronger and wiser and felt more complete.

Motherhood isn’t a label. It’s a New You. Find your support system because it’s a role you have chosen along with many others and that makes you who you are.

I am thankful for the opportunity to nurture another life and with my experience, I want to say make yourself a priority – Top Priority. Only with persistent growth can you Shine your Light!

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