Let’s Blaze, Honey – The Beginning of Fitness

Juhu Versova is my haven with a lot of lovely spaces for me to take a brisk and blissful walk. Being a fitness enthusiast I try not to miss those little adventures and, of course, my gym routine. Feeling energized every single day it has given me a fit body and a fit mind.

But I didn’t develop a fitness regime overnight. It took me a lot of persistence.

For good health, you got to be like that dark horse, which runs consistently until the end to win the race, no matter what. Play to win is my secret code.

There were times when I wanted to quit but I nudged myself further saying, “You can do it Pracchi.”! I knew it was all in my mind – my body would do what my mind believed.

Embracing fitness as a part of my life has been the best gift, I have given myself.



Yet I’ve never set impossible goals. It was always one step at a time because I believe little conscious lifestyle changes over a period of time can make a great difference.

I lead a moderate lifestyle. I don’t believe in crash dieting but in following a balanced diet so that I can sustain it all my life.

Life is not meant to binge food! Rather why not eat to live! Isn’t that the right thing to do?

What I’ve learned from my fitness journey is never to take my body for granted, be thankful for the life I have and simply appreciate my being.

Instead of shifting our attention to our body only when we are faced with a problem, we should take regular care of it, like it’s our baby.

In fact, our body gives us cues to what it needs? We need to be more sensitive to understand them! So indulge to inspire others.

I always make time for my workouts, which is three to four times a week each morning. This is a ritual, that too an unbreakable one. It’s my ‘Me Time’. It’s my indulgence.

But we need to remember that everyone has a different body type. What suits someone else may not suit us. For some yoga may work while for others it could be running or even Tai Chi.

Same goes for the timing. So you got to figure out your own suitable time and stick to it like I did. Even if you miss a day, cover up at any other time if your schedule permits. Exercise is an addiction, the best ever.

There is no comparison between two people when it comes to fitness.

Today fashion and fitness have become the fad. Fitness is appreciated with six pack abs or a svelte figure and figure-hugging clothes. And in the bargain, we miss out on the ‘health’ part.
A hot smart look may be attractive but utterly superficial. The most important aspect of our being is a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Most people are lured by various diet plans and workouts that promise to give a fit body or lose weight within a week. Sadly, such plans don’t work out, in the long run, leaving one demotivated and under nourished.

Being a fitness enthusiast has greatly helped me to try and keep up with the energy levels of my 6-year-old daughter. Though it’s not easy to match up with her enthusiasm and energy, I love our time together running around, grooving to her favorite numbers and playing like toddlers. It’s fun for her and for me it’s creating life-long memories.

As an image consultant, fitness plays a major role in my life because people believe what they see. So working on my inner as well as outer self is a part of my daily schedule.

Our body releases good hormones if we encourage ourselves to stay fit. The fitter we are the happier, more youthful and zestful we are, irrespective of our age. It even helps us maximize our productivity and boosts our self-esteem.

Staying fit highly increases our mindfulness as we grow more and more aware of ourselves.

So let’s not put health on the back-burner. Let’s blaze with a workout instead.

Remember it’s never too late to start. Embark on the path of fitness today – fitness of mind, body, and soul –Shine Your Light!

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