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Irresistible Blueberry Muffin with Butterscotch, are you game?

Do you like people-watching? I do ;). In fact, the other day I was sipping my favourite black coffee at the J W Marriott.

Although it was quite crowded, I couldn’t help noticing a pretty lady with a baby by her side biting into a blueberry muffin. But I’m sure she passed unnoticed most of the time.

Guess why? Simple – an unflattering dressing style, tired facial expressions, and a not-so-confident body language.

She reminded me of myself a few years back – being a new mother with a whole set of new responsibilities and tons of extra kilos, I was being pulled down constantly by the pressure to balance my life.

A feeling of disconnect and disillusionment nagged me constantly – a phase, I’m sure, most mothers come across!

However, thanks to my passion for fitness! I could work my way back to a fitter version of myself within a few months. Soon the world of entertainment beckoned.

With a little insecurity yet with the zeal to excel, I was back to work – hosting shows, interviewing, and connecting with my audience.

But, by then, I started realizing the whole purpose of my being had changed. Apart from entertaining, there was a greater urge to help others, nurture them, and counsel them. Thanks to the new-born mother in me. I wanted to make others feel as irresistible as a fragrant blueberry muffin.

Being in the limelight for years – working with various media and beauty pageants – gave me a thick edge.

Along with this was my desire to teach, recommend, and guide people overcome their shortcomings. We all have our blind spots. So that was it, my calling. I realized the way ahead was, definitely, Image and Lifestyle Coaching! And an occasional nibble into a dark chocolate bar ;).

Don’t you think this is a world of impressions? Be it at the corporate level or an informal meeting, first impressions do matter. First Impressions yield you long-term benefits. But how?

But there sure is a trick to it. Otherwise, everyone would have mastered it, right!

Listen, I clearly understand your need to be complimented, appreciated, loved, and valued. It is so human! I look at myself and self-talk in the mirror. Praise myself, pat myself, and give myself a flying kiss. Try It. I am with you.

In fact, it is this sense of belongingness that motivates me to excel and strive further.

Acceptance and a sense of belonging, however, come through a lasting impression. But how do you get there?

The first step is to be visually appealing. The right sense of dressing, talking, and even grooming can completely change your image.

I have always been a visual person with a strong aesthetic sense – two important traits in Image Consulting.

These right ingredients have helped me see through people’s needs and understand their right style depending on their body type, lifestyle, and profession. This is their passport to everlasting impact.

Having said that, only dressing fashionably or spending lavishly on trendy outfits is not the answer to a fabulous you.

Rather I would say be mindful – mindful of the choices you make. Understand your limitations and strengths and develop a sense of empathy, a positive attitude, and confidence – then experience how fulfilling it can feel!

I have gone through all the post-pregnancy blues. With a crying baby by your side life entirely goes topsy-turvy. Now after bringing a beautiful life into this world, would you want to slide into darkness? Never.

But what about the completely new person you see in the mirror, with not just a changed body, hair, and skin but also a changed mind?

Hold on! Life doesn’t end there!

With the right blend of confidence, style, attitude, body language, a fit body and mind, and above all a feeling of gratitude, you can be back to almost your earlier self. Nah! Actually, you will be a refreshed version of yourself, a self that you have never been earlier. It is my vow to you. Now it’s your turn to promise yourself a fine destiny.

Have you tried the irresistible blueberry muffin and butterscotch ice- cream, with a slim waist and a glowing face? Go for it!

So, here is Pracchi all by your side guiding and supporting you as you Shine your Light!

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