Image Lifestyle Coach

Image Consulting

Degrees and certificates alone are not enough to impress people in today’s highly competitive world.

Oodles of confidence, the right body language, and the power to connect builds your complete image.

I know the path for I’ve walked through it. Now I’m here to walk you through. There’s a key to every lock. I’m here to groom you, help you find that key, and unleash your hidden potential to create the most authentic and attractive image.

Want to kick-start a conversation with anyone, anywhere, – anytime?

Personal Wedding Shopper

The perfect look, perfect trousseau, and perfect styling tips soaked in tradition and fashion can rightly make your dream wedding a reality.

Together we will handpick fashionable, functional, and flattering looks that will wow and fit in your budget.
As your wedding shopper, I help you shop the right outfits, accessories, lingerie, and even the right makeup.

Let’s make you look like a million bucks because you truly deserve it.

Want to a Fairy Tale Wedding Experience?

Pageant Coaching

Every woman cherishes to be the most beautiful lady! But can beauty alone get you the crown?

You got to climb the ladder one step at a time – starting from fitness, poise, body language, communication skills, stage presence, and also building emotional intelligence. You need to reach the peak gradually yet swiftly.

Stop thinking how! I take over from here. Being The Top 10 Finalist at Mrs. Gladrags 2007 I’m here to give you insider secrets and help you shine your light.

Ready to sparkle with your crowning achievement?

Stage Presence Coach

Stage Presentation is an art – a right mix of confidence, humor, storytelling, and engaging conversations yet truly being YOU.

Sounds tricky?

I’m right here to help you charm with your own mind, body, and spirit so that you win your audience’s hearts. Let’s take your public speaking and presentation skills to a new level and create a definite impact.

Ready to conquer performance anxiety?

I want you to Shine Your Light